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Wed Sep 6 01:31:05 UTC 2006

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Sprunk <stephen at sprunk.org> writes:

[NNTP servers]

 Stephen> OTOH, it might be doable if you didn't carry the
 Stephen> alt.binaries groups; those account for well over 90% of the
 Stephen> bytes on usenet today,

More like 99.9%, and an even larger proportion if you filter out
binaries from other groups too.

Broadly speaking the daily volume is something like 2.8TB/day for
the whole feed, or somewhere in the ballpark of 1GB/day for the
non-binaries feed.

 Stephen> Another option is to run a caching-only news server,
 Stephen> provided you can find a willing upstream.

If you're talking about binaries, the fact is that Usenet simply does
not cache well. You'll have to use many terabytes of disk to get even
a modest hit-rate, and the performance benefits will be slight.

For text, there's no point in running a caching server rather than a
real one, since the incoming bandwidth for text is so small (couple of
hundred kbits) and the storage requirements so modest (one 36GB spool
disk will hold a month's traffic).

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