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Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Tue Sep 5 23:10:00 UTC 2006

John van Oppen wrote:
> we don't run one either...  :)
> The last person I know who was running one, was in the proccess of killing it.  

Apparently you found some people killing it off, while there are 
actually companies who specialize in NNTP access. It seems that for 
mysterious reasons which the RIAA and other such organizations 
apparently don't seem to understand that these companies are also 
causing quite a lot of traffic to be shifted over the internet.

Peeking at for instance http://www.nextfeed.nl/ reveals that there is 
one ISP having 40 days retention which apparently maps to 6*50 TB (that 
is 300 Terabytes indeed) of storage space, while there are also another 
having 50 days of retention, most likely mapping to somewhat like 400 
Tb. On average they seem to be shifting in the vicinity of 15Tb/day 
though, looking at the number 14 of the top1000.org list.

For hardware freaks it of course gives some nice things like the dutch 
newszilla installation: http://wa.ter.net/gallery2/images/newszilla
That single setup already makes quite some small hosting companies drool 
out of both corners ;) Networking freaks will love the "Core Juniper 640 
handles newszilla traffic" comment <grin>

Otherwise said: if you are setting up a full-nntp-feed capable box, 
you'll have to dig nice and deep into that money bag but on the other 
hand there seems to be loads of people doing a lot of posting and 
reading, where else would the volume of that traffic come from?

For the people trying to find peers, check:
and of course also: http://www.top1000.org/ where even google pops up in 
a 4th place.


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