Verizon Looking Glass

Janet Sullivan ciscogeek at
Tue Sep 5 22:04:29 UTC 2006

Tim Donahue wrote:
> Does anyone know if Verizon has a publicly accessable looking glass?
> There is not one listed on nor could I find one searching
> Google.
> Off-list is fine if that is preferred.

Actually, if anyone knows of one for 701 or 702, please do let me know. 
  I'll add it to the wiki.  (Or someone can do it for me.)

There is also a newer section of the wiki with links to network 
status pages for some providers.  Anyone who has working links to offer 
in that area is welcome to add them or email them to me.

Oh, and in other news, the northern and eastern spans of Pacific 
Crossing 1 (PC-1) are in bad shape today.  I'm surprised that no one 
else has mentioned that yet.

In case this message sounds too on topic, let me add the following:  "I 
hate SPAM and BOTNETS and people who make analogies that involve HITLER 
and NAZIS."  There, I think that covers it.

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