Feedback on providers who offer communities that restrict route propagation

David Ulevitch davidu at
Tue Sep 5 19:33:29 UTC 2006


I'm looking at a number of transit providers in Europe who offer  
communities that will limit the scope of an announcement by  
geographic region.  For example if you are AS1 you can tell upstream  
AS2 to propagate your announcements only to peers and neighbors  
within EU, but not those in the NA or AP regions.  This helps  
networks with unique routing policies. (If you're curious what these  
might be, just ping me offlist)  I'm looking for feedback from people  
who have done this before.  All advice, experiences (preferably with  
what upstream ASNs) is helpful.  Our concerns are basically that this  
puts a management and engineering aspect of our network into someone  
else's hands to not mess up.  I already know we deal with peers who  
leak routes, but my guess is that since this is a business  
relationship with the upstream network they are less likely to bork  
it up and hopefully manage it programatically.  Wishful thinking or  
sound practice/service offered by high-quality carriers?

My questions are thus:
1) I'd this to find out how reliable it is/was (were your routes ever  
2) How effective it is/was (did it accomplish your goals)?
3) Advice you might have for someone who is considering doing this?   
Providers to shy away from?  Providers who are pretty good?

David Ulevitch

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