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Mon Sep 4 11:07:02 UTC 2006

> > I can't get a TLD zone? But back to the root servers. Are you
> > agreering with me that if I announce F and I root's netblocks
> > inside of my own network that everyone would be ok with that?

> Who is responsible if this set-up fails?
> Who is responsible if it lies?
> Who is likely to get blamed for any failures?
> Would this require explicit consent from all customers 
> subject to such treatment?
> Would this require a possibility for each custoemr to opt out
> of such a scheme?

Aren't all of these questions private issues between
the private network operator and their customers? 
The same thing applies to companies who use IP addresses
inside their private networks that are officially
registered to someone else. This is a fairly common
practice and yet it rarely causes problems on the 
public Internet.

Since Internet network operators are generally not regulated
in how they operate their IP networks, it seems to me that
the people who say that it is not proper to announce root
netblocks in a private network are really calling for network
regulation by an external authority.

> And - ah yes - what particular problem does such a set-up solve?

It seemed to me to be a theoretical question not intended
to solve a particular problem. However, theoretically, a
network that sources a lot of DDoS traffic to root servers
could do this to attract the traffic to their local copy
of the root server in order to analyze it. Theoretically,
this is something that would be enabled by the hypothetical
situation described above.

--Michael Dillon

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