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At 03:50 PM 9/1/2006, Joe Abley wrote:

>On 1-Sep-2006, at 15:07, Martin Hannigan wrote:
>>Well, let's rephrase that. Anyone can't get a TLD zone?
>While there are many smaller TLD zones that don't get updated very
>often and which have wide-open AXFR to all and sundry, I'm betting
>that the majority of zones that people on this list care about either
>update sufficiently rapidly that zone synchronisation is non-trivial,
>or have zone transfer restrictions in place, or both.

Good information. Thanks.

>>What could F or I do if an operator were advertising
>>those blocks internally? Consider them no different than
>>blackholes. It's the same concept.
>If you want an answer worth reading, then ask ISC or RIPE. I'm sure
>this is something that has occurred to them to think about.
>I could pontificate about the freedom of individual operators to do
>whatever they please versus the wider issue of coherence and
>consistency in the DNS, but it'd just be so much Friday-afternoon noise.

Now I'm disappointed because I know you have some likely
excellent thoughts on this topic regardless of who you are
working for, or have worked for, but I completely understand.

Thanks, I enjoyed it. :)

/me back to lurk

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