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Martin Hannigan hannigan at
Fri Sep 1 17:47:23 UTC 2006

At 12:37 PM 9/1/2006, Joe Abley wrote:

>On 1-Sep-2006, at 02:11, Martin Hannigan wrote:
>> >You seem to be suggesting that ISPs run stealth slaves for these
>> >kinds of zones. This may have been a useful pointer for ISPs in days
>> >gone by, but I think today it's impractical advice.
>>How so? Anyone can get a zone and turn up [a-m] on-net
>>and outperform (response and uptime) many of the existing
>>instances of root servers.
>The root servers are easy; the zone is tiny and the update frequency
>is miniscule.
>We were talking about TLD servers.

I can't get a TLD zone? But back to the root servers. Are you
agreering with me that if I announce F and I root's netblocks
inside of my own network that everyone would be ok with that?

C'mon Joe, straight answer on that one. :)


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