Cogent now peering with Sprint?

Elmar K. Bins elmi at
Tue Oct 31 17:04:26 UTC 2006

Hi Fredy,

kuenzler at (Fredy Kuenzler) wrote:

> Think of 174 started to peer with 1239 and redirecting some outbound
> traffic to 3320 over this new peer. Since 3320 is buying from 1239, they
> will pay more to 1239, and 1239 accepts 174 as a new peer because they
> get more money from 3320 ... as mentioned, this is just a rumour I
> heard, but reading William B. Norton's theory (tactic #9), this would
> make sense.

In the very least it's eventually something to use to put pressure
on those AS3320 guys.

The idea is pretty smart ;)



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