CWDM equipment (current favorites)

Deepak Jain deepak at
Mon Oct 30 20:33:27 UTC 2006

A few years ago, NANOG had a discussion regarding various CWDM vendors. 
Repeatedly MRV was brought up as a good option for metro-area LAN type 

Since then, I have actually touched some of the MRV product line 
personally and found it (and their customer support)... less than ideal. 
(not comparing to anyone else, and no one is really ideal).

The bigger problem was that the devices seem to be less than intuitive, 
but rock solid once they are working. (which is what everyone praised 
them for).

We need to place a new order for some new fiber builds and were 
considering some other vendors. Especially in the nx2.5G and nx10G (are 
CWDM x-cievers even available in 10G yet?) range. Anyone have any new 

I'll be glad to summarize/commiserate. :)

Thanks in advance,


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