Sagonet - Failing miserably with network security Someone needs to handle this.

Stephen Satchell list at
Sun Oct 29 21:41:56 UTC 2006

Chris Jester wrote:
> Sagonet,
> We have a serious hacker here who is ACTIVLY engaged in logins
> on our network (have him in a honeypot at the moment). He is running
> exploits from your network and
> also I have been hearing from others that you have been notified of this
> a few times yet have done nothing about it.  Can we get someone to handle
> this immediately please?

Thank you for the report.  I've added in our perimeter 
firewalls, on the off chance that the guy has broken into one or more 
servers at American Internet (Reno).  If he (she) did, it may explain 
some traffic anomolies we've been seeing this past week.

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