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Elmar K. Bins elmi at 4ever.de
Sun Oct 29 11:33:25 UTC 2006

blakjak at blakjak.net (Mark Foster) wrote:

> I take it you were after info other than that found at urls similar to 
> this one?
> http://www.dbicorporation.com/internat/intpower.htm

(which will show you that the local outlets are the same as in Germany
or Korea, "Schuko" type, just for the record)

> I would've thought that datacentre internal cabling for mains would be a 
> different can of worms anyway, in my experience most primary power 
> distribution is done from a 3-phase lead into a PDU and from there into 
> IEC strips, with local mains-interfaces being fairly secondary in nature.
> So wouldn't you mainly want IEC male-female type?

Problem is, the 6503E's power supplies take 20-Amp cables and have the
appropriate connector (IEC 320 C20). The appropriate sockets (C19)
are a bit hard to come by in data centres, and, of course, all of this
is unnecessary in Europe, where Voltage is above 200.

We faced the same problem last week (getting the 6503s plugged into
APC power strips which only have C13s)) and bought ourselves "adaptor"
cables that let plug into the Ciscos' C20 on one and C13 on the other side.

If anyone wants to buy, we got them from 3KV in Munich (contact Norbert
Wöllner at woellner at 3kv.de and give him my regards).

Good luck!


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