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On Oct 27, 2006, at 7:48 PM, Donald Stahl wrote:

>> It's pretty well-known that has been a source of  
>> spam, and that complaints to them have been ineffective.
> I don't know about's opinion but I dare say the  
> statement above isn't very helpful to me as an admin.
> When you say "has been a source of spam" is there a time frame  
> involved? Was this in the last week? Month? Year?

I've received spam from them in the past month (actually I got two).   
When this thread started I went back to see if I could find them but  
unfortunately I no longer had copy.

> When you say "" has been the source do you mean a)  
> their netblocks b) their mail servers or c) partners acting on  
> their behalf?

The spam I got was directly from  It came with a return email address, pointed to a web site  
and came from an IP address the resolved to * (I will  
admit I didn't confirm the netblock belonged to them).  I've never  
done any business with them and the spam was for a domain name  
"renewal" for a domain registered elsewhere.  In other words, it was  
a classic whois scrapped spam.

> You also state that complaints have been ineffective. Again is  
> there a time frame? Did anyone get back to you? Did they  
> investigate? Did they give you a reason for ignoring or doing  
> nothing about your complaint?

I submitted both spams to spamcop and the appropriate abuse addresses  
would have been notified in both cases.  I got no response from  
either of my submissions.  As for a "reason for ignoring" my  
complaint I really couldn't say since, well they ignored me.

> I ask this not because I want to know but because if someone from  
> the company came here to address the issue then perhaps we should  
> give them as much information as possible (After all- you have a  
> contact now) Simply saying that "it's pretty well-known" doesn't  
> really help.

As I've previously said, this isn't like its some sort of borderline  
case where someone in one part of the company is doing something that  
someone else doesn't know about.  These guys are pretty hard core.   
I'd say I get 20-30 emails a year from them for various domain names  
I'm a contact on.  I've also received USPS spam which is another  
story but no less unethical since they are all these BS "renewal"  
type letters.  They might not be "Domain Registry of America" but  
they are hardly innocent.

> I frankly doubt they would bother posting here with "let us know"  
> if they had no intention of looking into it- this isn't exactly a  
> group likely to be pacified by empty promises. (It's also possible  
> that in the past the right people never found out- or that there  
> are new people there who take the issue more seriously).

Well maybe this guys is serious about addressing the problem but if  
they are serious as a company the least they could do is respond to  
complaints that come via spamcop.  Hell it think most spamcop  
complaints we get are mostly BS but I at least bother to respond to  

>> will be happy to hear that. If you're here to tell us that there  
>> never was a problem and that we're all just imagining it... you'll  
>> need these:
> I don't think they are going to claim there was never a problem-  
> unfortunately sometimes the marketing folks don't consult or listen  
> to their technical folks- it's happened at a lot of companies. That  
> said- I haven't had spam from a netblock in a long  
> time. Then again maybe I've just been lucky.

I'd go with lucky then.


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