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Charles Gucker cgucker at
Thu Oct 26 23:06:32 UTC 2006

> 5. AT&T (at least when I've dealt with them in their datacenters) does not
> support BGP community strings for null routing (or any strings for that
> matter :) Think about that for a second. To stop an attack
> would need to call AT&T and request a filter/null route. Since AT&T
> operations is based in Singapore (again this was last time I dealt with
> them) I'm sure getting those filters/routes in probably doesn't happen
> nearly fast enough. I have heard that AT&T is currently in the process of
> setting up communities- maybe someone who knows more could comment.

Well, this is not exactly true.    AT&T does support BGP communities,
although their communities aren't all that powerful, IMO.   To my
knowledge, you are correct when you say that they do not support any
null-routing capabilities.   I would love to find out the procedure
and string required to request/implement null routing via a community.

For those who would like to see AT&T's official guide, it can be found at:


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