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Thu Oct 26 22:02:24 UTC 2006

At 05:26 PM 10/26/2006, Fergie wrote:

>W.R.T. #2 below:
>Be for real: No one ever suggested that backbone service
>providers attempt to ingress filter traffic -- this is an
>edge function.

I guess I'd add some clarification, though it should be obvious without.

Backbone service providers who also sell edge circuits (e.g. 
dedicated T-1's to non-multihomed customers) ARE providing the edge 
function. A provider who claims "we're a backbone, so we should do no 
ingress filtering at all" is being disingenuous, at least for many of 
the largest networks today. I'm not accusing anyone of actually 
making such statements at all. I agree with Paul that this is an edge 
function, but that "edge" is a part of nearly every provider at some 
point in their businesses.

>-- "Chris L. Morrow" <christopher.morrow at> wrote:
>On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Fergie wrote:
> > and co-authored -- and likewise, cannot figure out for life of
> > me, why there is such push-back from the Ops community on doing
> > The Right Thing.
>you could google answers from other folks but in shor:
>1) it doesn't always work as advertised
>2) people don't always tell you the routes the hold
>3) equipment vendors don't alway splan properly for 'features'
>Not everyone is as smart as you (both) and can manage that problem as they
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