passports for NANOG-39, Toronto

chuck goolsbee chucklist at
Thu Oct 26 17:54:56 UTC 2006

At 2:26 PM +0100 10/26/06, Michael.Dillon at wrote:
>>  December 31, 2007 - Passport required for all land border crossings, as
>>  well as air and sea travel.

FWIW I live near the WA/BC (US/CDN) border and cross it often (at 
least twice a month) for both work and social activities, and have 
been using an expired US passport for the past two years with no 
issues. The Canadians never even ask for it. The US border folks 
occasionally hassle me a tiny bit, but never about the expired 
passport (go figure). The ONLY time the expired passport was an issue 
was on a flight, with my entire family from Seattle to Denver(!) 
where the TSA boarding pass & ID checker in airport security nearly 
didn't let me through. Again, go figure.

Yes, I need to renew, but as my world-travelling days for work are 
behind me I haven't been motivated to do so.


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