passports for NANOG-39, Toronto

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Thu Oct 26 13:18:37 UTC 2006

In DC, at least, you can get an appointment (no Congressional  
pressure required), go to
an office in the AM and pick it up the same day. I have done this  
several times;
it always amazes me how many people are in line who are
leaving the country the same day, but I wouldn't push it that far.  
Here are the offices :

You will spend a good fraction of the day doing this (the appointment  
is really an
appointment to sit in a waiting room, and you have to do it twice).


On Oct 26, 2006, at 1:07 AM, Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:

> particularly if you are in the DC area, call your congressman's  
> district
> (usually) office and ask them to send the Passport Office a  
> "congressional
> courtesy" request. In practice, this means that you don't stand in  
> line, but
> go upstairs to the diplomatic processing area, and, with proper  
> documents
> and photos, you'll probably have the passport in under an hour.
> I believe there is also a priority program for cities that have  
> Passport
> Office branches. Just one of the perks of incumbents.
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>> You may have heard that the US and Canada are going to start  
>> requiring
>> passports for air travel between them beginning "soon".  That date is
>> currently set as 8 Jan 2007, which is before February NANOG.  MERIT
>> has noted this on the web site, but a cursory check of my list
>> archives didn't turn up mention of it (sorry if I overlooked it; the
>> last couple of weeks have been hectic), so I figured I'd include the
>> pointer:
>> as well as a link to the State Department:
>> Normal passport processing is "within six weeks", but that probably
>> doesn't take the holiday season into account.  If you don't have a
>> passport already and plan to travel from the US to NANOG 39 in
>> Toronto, getting on that project sometime in the next month or so
>> would allow plenty of spare time.  No reason to pay expedite fees if
>> you don't have to.
>>                                         ---Rob

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