BCP38 thread 93,871,738,435 (was Re: register.com down sev0?)

Per Heldal heldal at eml.cc
Thu Oct 26 11:49:57 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 02:20 -0400, Sean Donelan wrote:
> http://spoofer.csail.mit.edu/summary.php
> If someone finds the silver bullet that will change the remaining 25% or
> so of networks, I think ISPs on every continent would be interested.

Financial incentive is the key. If there is none, those with the most to
gain (backbone operators) also have to power to create such incentive.
It wouldn't be fundamentally different from the basic network policing
that happened on the academic networks which formed the Internet
backbone in the 80s and early 90s.


Work with OS and CPE vendors to include probes with equipment/software.

Create lists of badly behaved prefixes.

Drop offending prefixes from the DFZ.


Result: BPC compliance or go the "scenic route" (bust). Problem
solved .. move on.


Politics. Ill-informed politicians can come up with the most incredible
excuses to protect offenders.

Decide who define the criteria used to identify "offending networks",
and administer the filtering recommendation.

Has to tolerate some "collateral damage".

Widespread misconception of an untouchable "public internet". Such a
thing doesn't exist. The net still consist of interconnected privately
owned networks within which the owner/operator is free to implement and
enforce whatever policies they want. Some countries may require that
customers/users are informed about the existence and consequences of
such restrictions, but that shouldn't be much of a problem either. I'd
be more than happy to tell anyone who object to BCP38 to look elsewhere
for network connectivity.


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