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>> Florida law, Title 13 section 322.32(2), "Unlawful use of license"  
>> says
>> "[i]t is a misdemeanor of the second degree ... for any person ...  
>> [t]o lend
>> his or her driver's license to any other person or knowingly  
>> permit the use
>> thereof by another."
> That statute deals with someone else _using_ my license, but in no way
> implies that my license can't be _held_ by someone else.   The title
> clearly states "use". ;-)

The definition of "use" may be very key, as others have pointed out:

	- They are "using" it for collateral.
	- They are "using" it to keep track of who is in their facility at  
any given time in a manner convenient to them
Also, in english this sentence as parsed as:

	( condition_1 ) OR ( condition_2 )
which would mean

	( you lend ) OR ( you permit the use of )

which then asks "what's the definition of 'lend'"?  Merriam-Webster  
includes among its many definitions, "to put at another's temporary  
disposal," which it certainly seems would apply, as the ID *is* at  
their disposal temporarily.

So don't kid yourself that it's really all that clear-cut....  Get a  
lawyer. :-)



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