Need help explaining to Limelight

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at
Tue Oct 24 13:40:24 UTC 2006

Hi all,

	(And especially to those emailing privately, Joe Abley
and Adam Rothschild... I never disappeared... ;) )

	Yes, I've misspoke. Bad on me #1. You can subdomain
IN-ADDR.ARPA. I understand that if you do more than just simply
put NS records in, it can be done. 

	The issue still stands though, that according to my
latest dig +trace of it, I see : 86400   IN      NS 86400   IN      NS 86400   IN      NS 86400   IN      NS
;; Received 138 bytes from in 2880 ms 7200    IN      SOA 1115928761 14400 7200 950400 7200
;; Received 105 bytes from in 970 ms

	Which still is wrong I believe. If nothing else, it
should point to the ns13 and ns8 servers at .

	Jeroen said he saw :

;; ANSWER SECTION: 7200    IN      NS 7200    IN      NS

	from a dig, but I'm not sure how. And yes, I'm using zoneedit
for diversity for this reverse.

	As for my bad #2, I incorrectly used SWIP. I guess I should
have said that if you do :

whois -h -p 4321

	It shows up as that I am the contact for that.

	Howerver, it still remains that after telling them twice
EXACTLY what to do, it seems like they are still wrong. I
would think I'd need to see something like what WCG did for
me for another subnet : 86400  IN      NS 86400  IN      NS
;; Received 126 bytes from in 1030 ms

	Am I still wrong, or are they?

			Thanks, Tuc

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