posts still fails when posting to the NANOG list!

Etaoin Shrdlu shrdlu at
Mon Oct 23 23:15:22 UTC 2006

Jeroen Massar wrote:

> Apparently there is still some silly [f|s]oul who has to forward NANOG
> to blogger and blogger still doesn't handle multipart/signed and thus
> very nicely and totally anonymously reports that it fails.

I think it's a larger issue. I don't post often, and just got a bounce 
from blogger.

> Could the blogger folks, who are seemingly uncontactable, please please
> please with sugar and strawbarries and whipcream on top include at least
> for what address this message is getting gatewayed for so that the
> subscription can be yanked from the NANOG list? Of course a full header
> trail would be even more useful.

> Blogger does not accept multipart/signed files.

It isn't just multipart. Mine was innocent of such, and so only got a 
vin ordinaire error.

> Blogger could not process your message at this time.
> Error code: 6.FC02F1
> Original message:
[and so on]

Full message and header available to mail admins, but I suspect it won't 

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