Collocation Access

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Mon Oct 23 21:41:45 UTC 2006

Surprisingly on a recent visit to a large co-location facility I was
required to leave my ID with the security staff at the front desk in
exchange for a visitor's pass, for the entire time I was in the

Normally I would not have an issue with this, but any outside visitors
are shadowed by an employee of the facility the entire time they are in
the facility as well.

It seems as though at this point there is little need for security to
maintain control of the ID, again which could possibly leave it open to
various activities already mentioned by some others.

Nick Thompson

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>> In fact he did have an AT&T badge which he was not allowed to hand
>> either.  The fellow I chatted with at AT&T said they are not allowed
>> hand over their badge because it would compromise their security.
>My tech said the same thing.  That keycard could grant central office 
>access so he couldn't surrender it.

I have to admit (now I've been sent some information off-list) that I 
didn't realise the co-lo security were holding onto the "badge" (or 
access card or whatever) the whole time the tech was on the premises. 
Yes, that would give more opportunities for bad things to happen. In 
many years of gaining access to secured buildings I've only ever had 
that happen once (passport exchanged for a visitor's pass, and back 
again at the end of the day).
Roland Perry

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