Collocation Access

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Mon Oct 23 20:53:51 UTC 2006

Edward Lewis wrote:

>> But, I always thought that the purpose of most security was psychological
>> reassurance anyway...
> Reacting to this and the story of just walking through the backdoor to 
> get in -
> I think there's an element of self-fulfilling prophecy here.  If the 

Classical NANOG OT thread. Cant resist.

There is no doubt about it. 90% of security systems that were introduced 
following september 11 are knee jerk reactions to the threat of terroism.

Especialy when implemented by the private sector.

Case in point.

Pre 9/11, in WTC, you had to wait in line at the lobby and show ID and 
be issued a visitor badge with your picture taken and stored and/or be 
escorted up.

This was a knee jerk reaction to the previous bombings. (As if car bombs 
in the garage has something to do with ID passes in the lobby)

We all know what happens next. Very effective security if you ask me. 
They couldnt get in throught the lobby, so.....

Entry to 7WTC now requires.....bag searches.

The conspiracy theory states that people simply like to pretend that 
they are in control. That it is just a power trip.

Funny, entry to the crowded streets of manhattan requires.....nothing.

The only legit reason to take down peoples ID is to discourage 
theft/vandalism. And in an ideal world, we would be as concerned with 
the buldings privacy policy as we are with our online web vendors.

And judging by timing, that was not their intention.

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