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Mon Oct 23 19:06:57 UTC 2006

I once was going to a meeting at a colo in Tysons Corner, which will  
remain nameless (but you would know it).

Like most of them, it wasn't well marked, and we couldn't find it.  
Three of us wound up walking through an open door on the loading dock  
and onto the colo floor with no checks what-so-ever. We finally met  
somebody, asked where so-and-so's office was, and (after a very odd  
look) were told to go out again, walk around the building and go  
through security.

But, I always thought that the purpose of most security was  
psychological reassurance anyway...


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>> >, Craig Holland <cholland at> writes
>>> The fellow I chatted with at AT&T said they are not allowed to
>>> hand over their badge because it would compromise their security.
>> Sounds to me like NSTAC ought to be worried about a scheme to  
>> accredit co-lo operator security staff, as well as the visiting  
>> telco engineers.
> So what's next....
> I recall back in the days of Exodus in Jersey City I walked in to  
> go kick a Sun machine in one of the cages for a company I worked  
> for. I had previously worked at a company that also had a cage  
> there and had been to the Jersey City colo facility quite a few  
> times. Anyhow when I went in they pulled up the keys for my prior  
> company after giving them my ID. I stated "No, I no longer work  
> there." They gave me the correct key but a "Hello My Name Is" tag  
> with my former company. Funny...
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