New NANOG Programme Committee

Joe Abley jabley at
Mon Oct 23 16:47:31 UTC 2006

In its last scheduled conference call, the NANOG SC selected a new  
Programme Committee.

With twenty well-qualified new candidates, and only eight open  
positions, it was a difficult decision to make. The SC, with input  
from the current PC, strongly felt it necessary to form a balanced  
PC, with a diversity of backgrounds, knowledge, and experience, and  
is representative of the entire NANOG constituency.

The SC would like to thank outgoing PC members Hank Kilmer, Dave  
O'Leary and Kevin Epperson for their valuable contributions to the  
PC. In addition, the SC is grateful to the 12 candidates who  
volunteered their time but who weren't selected this time round. We  
hope you will all consider volunteering again next time.

The NANOG Programme Committee for 2006/2007 is as follows:

Existing members:

   Nick Feamster
   Dan Golding
   Joel Jaeggli
   Ren Provo
   Josh Snowhorn
   Pete Templin
   Todd Underwood
   Vish Yelsangikar

New (or returning) members:

   Steve Feldman
   Igor Gashinsky
   Kobi Hsu
   Mike Hughes
   Keith Mitchell
   Ted Seely
   Richard Steenbergen
   Bill Woodcock

Joe Abley
(for the SC)

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