Collocation Access

Craig Holland cholland at
Mon Oct 23 15:54:09 UTC 2006

I just ran into something for the first time, and apparently it isn't
that uncommon.  AT&T was asked to install a circuit into a collocation
facility where, like any I've been into, required them to show a
government ID.  They refused claiming it was against policy.  After
making some calls, I found out there are union regulations which
restrict AT&T from asking their union employees to hand over personal
property, ID's included.


Is this some new trend or have I just gotten lucky in the past?
Wouldn't someone like AT&T be better served by giving their employees
some company issued ID that they can submit to secure facilities?  I
know it wouldn't be government issued, but would at least be a step in
the right direction.  Or, they ask the unions to amend their policies
considering it is a requirement of the job to do these kinds of installs
to present a government ID.  





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