New NANOG Mailing List Admin Team

Joe Abley jabley at
Fri Oct 20 19:27:50 UTC 2006

Last night the NANOG SC made some changes to the composition of the  
mailing list admin team, in response to the revisions to the NANOG  
charter which were approved by the community in St Louis.

After extensive discussion the SC selected an admin team which  
provided some continuity whilst also welcoming a new volunteer. The  
SC assigned terms to each member of the team in order to make the re- 
selection process described in the new charter straightforward to  
follow next year. These terms were assigned semi-arbitrarily (in one  
instance we tossed a coin to decide).

Chris Malayter and Steve Wilcox have not been appointed to the new  
team. The SC would like to thank both of them for their dedication to  
the mailing list, and their key roles in helping NANOG evolve into a  
community-driven organisation.

There were many excellent new volunteers who offered to serve on the  
panel, and from that pool of candidates the SC selected Aleksandr  
Pilosov. The SC would like to thank Aleksandr for offering to  
contribute his time to NANOG in this way.

The SC also thanks those volunteers who were not selected for  
stepping forward and offering to help. We hope you will feel able to  
volunteer again in the future.

The new mailing list admin team is as follows:

   Sue Joiner (appointed by Merit)
   Rob Seastrom (appointed by SC, 1-year term)
   Brett Watson (appointed by SC, 1-year term)
   David Barak (appointed by SC, 2-year term)
   Aleksandr Pilosov (appointed by SC, 2-year term)

Joe Abley
(for the SC)

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