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Martin Hannigan hannigan at renesys.com
Thu Oct 19 21:27:04 UTC 2006

>     * From: Luke Besson
>     * Date: Thu Oct 19 08:54:47 2006
>I work for a big French ISP and I manage the DNS architecture (based 
>on Linux+Bind); Golog proposed to our society the DNS redirect 
>service (redirect all the not existant domains according to 
>marketing criteria).
>Even if our marketing team would like to join this solution, our 
>technical team opposes hardly to such a not-standard implementation 
>of the DNS.
>Can you suggest me any objective reason in order to invalidate this proposal?

This is a network autonomy issue. What occurs inside the provider
edge related to routing and applications is the responsibility of
the provider and they have the right to modify answers or routes
in their networks, even if they are not "theirs".

There is some "holy grail" you should consider, like making sure that
etrade.com is etrade.com, the legitimate IP/trademark holder.

The questions to ask yourself as an organization are something
like this:

a) is there enough revenue here to consider?

b) is someone else going to capture revenue between my customer
    and myself if I don't?

c) will this break my network or the networks of others?

If you can answer the first two yes, the third is worth
trying to make "no".


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