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Rod Ed catarack at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 15:44:33 UTC 2006

We've had exactly the same here that led to Golog being implemented.  Golog
is just a two line patch to bind to redirect 'NXDOMAIN'  :

;ww.gooooooooregergerger.com.   IN      A

ww.gooooooooregergerger.com. 10000 IN   A       XX.XX.XX.XX
ww.gooooooooregergerger.com. 10000 IN   TXT     "NXDOMAIN"

While we had the same concerns the implementation led to no problems except
for a brief round of complaints from users.  We did however only issue it to
our users and do not preform any lookups from our server base to it.  While
it's something I personally don't like the cut throat DSL market does make
it necessary for us to create revenue where ever possible without a major
effect on customers and to be honest Golog is one of the lesser evil
services of this type I have come across.



Luke Besson wrote:

 I work for a big French ISP and I manage the DNS architecture (based on
Linux+Bind); Golog proposed to our society the DNS redirect service
(redirect all the not existant domains according to marketing criteria).
Even if our marketing team would like to join this solution, our technical
team opposes hardly to such a not-standard implementation of the DNS.
Can you suggest me any objective reason in order to invalidate this


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