Boeing's Connexion announcement

Mike Hughes mike at
Mon Oct 16 09:27:33 UTC 2006

John Levine wrote:
>>> In addition to all of the offered AC services others have mentioned,
>>> some planes have power outlets for vacuum cleaners, typically behind a
>>> small panel next to a door.
>> ISTR, these AC sockets are "airplane flavour" 115VAC @ 400Hz.
> No. it's 60 Hz.  See this picture of one of the outlets.
> and this page from Qantas web site
> Don't you think that airlines would be smart enough not to install
> power outlets that would destroy the equipment that the customers plug
> into them?

I don't think the earlier poster was referring to the sockets you as a 
member of the travelling public are invited to use - i.e. the ones which 
are in your seat and labelled. Those *are* converted to 110V @ 60Hz.

These are occasional sockets, discreetly mounted at floor level, usually 
just forward of a door, often have a flip-up cover, for plugging in bits 
of airline equipment.


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