Boeing's Connexion announcement

John Levine johnl at
Sun Oct 15 15:37:54 UTC 2006

>This may be a nit, but, you will _NEVER_ see AC power at any, let
>alone all of the seats.  Seat power that works with the iGo system is
>DC and is not conventional 110 AC.

Perhaps I was hallucinating, but when I flew from Auckland to LAX on
Air New Zealand earlier this year, I had a 110V outlet into which I
plugged my laptop's regular power brick.  The most popular seat power
is still the EmPower which needs an iGo or other special adapter, but
you'll increasingly find DC 12V shaped like a car's cigar lighter
socket and AC 110V with a receptacle that takes most common shapes of
AC power plugs.

You can find a reasonable overview here:

In with the seat diagrams elsewhere on the site, it tells you what
kind of power each type of plane has and where the outlets are.  Too
bad we're not likely to have Internet access to go along with them.


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