Boeing's Connexion announcement

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Sun Oct 15 15:14:48 UTC 2006

This may be a nit, but, you will _NEVER_ see AC power at any, let  
alone all of
the seats.  Seat power that works with the iGo system is DC and is not
conventional 110 AC.


On Oct 15, 2006, at 3:39 AM, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:

> On Sun, 15 Oct 2006, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
>> e-mail from the plane. :)  Lack of seat power was not an issue, I  
>> just had two batteries.  And this was BOS -> MUC, which ain't a  
>> short flight.
> It's quite likely that on a grander scale of things, it's better  
> economy that the few people who want to use their laptop the whole  
> flight, do get two batteries, than doing the investment of putting  
> AC power in all seats.
> Otoh, more batteries on planes increases the risk of fire due to  
> exploding batteries happening in the plane :P
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