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Sun Oct 15 11:31:54 UTC 2006

I wrote a 800 word article on a 15" Powerbook in Singapore Airlines economy
class last year, and filed it via Connexion..and that was quite neck-yanking

On 10/15/06, Todd Underwood <todd-nanog at> wrote:
> patrick, all,
> On Sun, Oct 15, 2006 at 04:56:34AM -0400, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> > >>AC power is not required.  Bigger seats might be. :)
> > >
> > >bigger seats may not be required.  ac power is.
> >
> > However, that same 12" PB (not a large laptop by any definition) on
> > Luftansa is close unusable in coach if the person in front of you
> > leans back.  I had to contort pretty horribly to use it.  (Which I
> > did, 'cause I -had- to send e-mail from the plane. :)  Lack of seat
> > power was not an issue, I just had two batteries.  And this was BOS -
> > > MUC, which ain't a short flight.
> >
> > Using a 15" or larger laptop on that flight is essentially
> > unthinkable.  I could not have opened the laptop enough to see the
> > screen.  During meals, the flight attendants made everyone sit up,
> > otherwise the people behind them wouldn't have been able to eat.
> > Yes, it was that bad.
> >
> i managed to post:
> with a 15" thinkpad from coach on lufthansa.
> so that includes the ssh session to screen to coorindate with
> coworkers, the several browsers, the emacs window and all the typing.
> it's not a short post, it has pictures that had to be screencaptured
> (or grabbed from the boeing nanog preso, respectively), but it wasn't
> overly difficult.  maybe i'm just more of a contorionist than most.
> the issue of power is the same, i think as the even bigger issue of
> consistency/predictability which is what rodney was trying to point
> out, i think.  people want to know that they're going to be able to
> use the service and they want to know this in advance.  since no
> airline rolled it out on every single flight and no airline gave
> advance notice to passengers which flights would have the service, it
> was impossible to plan on being able to use it.  that does two things:
> 1) it reduces the value of the service since it now becomes a happy
> coincidence rather than a planned part of the work day; 2) it makes it
> less likely that everyone will already have a full charge on their
> laptop batteries.
> having power at every seat would be easy and they should just do it.
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