Boeing's Connexion announcement

Todd Underwood todd-nanog at
Sun Oct 15 01:04:42 UTC 2006


> I disagree.

i disagree with your disagreement.

> Seat power is ubiquitous on some airlines (e.g. American), and  
> available in all but coach on others (e.g. Virgin, Luftansa).  It's  

"all but coach"?  seriously?  hilarious.  

"democracy is available to all but the majority"

"wealth is available for all but the middle class and poor"

come on.

seat power is not ubiquitous on american, either.  it's on every 3rd
seat or some nonense and there's no way to figure out whether you are
in such a seat.

i identified this early on as one of th emajor factors causing this
service to fail.

> AC power is not required.  Bigger seats might be. :)

bigger seats may not be required.  ac power is.

> P.S. I used it for > 4 hours on Luftansa in coach, without seat  
> power.  And would happily pay $27.95, perhaps more, to use it again.

/me too.  the price is well-worth it.


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