200K prefixes - Weekly Routing Table Report

Neil J. McRae neil at domino.org
Thu Oct 12 00:53:37 UTC 2006

I think you have seriouisly under estimated that. think of the routers with distributed line cards then all the boxes that are soon to be a trash can job because they can't be upgraded. We deployed a load of prp2 cards and decided to max the ram out as the aggrevation of a mid production upgrade when we hit 300k isn't worth not doing it.

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> I'm buying more stock in ram producers!!!!

How many routers carry a full routing table?  Let's say 100K of them, and
you can sell 128M more memory for each one.

Now how many boxes is Dell going to sell with 1G and 2G of RAM so Vista runs?
I suspect consumers sales in Topeka, Kansas alone will sell more RAM than
the worldwide market for routers that do full routing tables.

Let's keep some perspective here. :)

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