that 4byte ASN you were considering...

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Tue Oct 10 17:01:17 UTC 2006

On Tue, Oct 10, 2006 at 01:59:22AM -0500, Randy Bush wrote:
> somehow we seem to have survived similar issues in IP quad
> representation.

Or domain names.

I'm concerned by the kind of discussion I'm seeing here.

RFC's are not law, and if your router vendor adopts this informational
document in such a way that it breaks your scripts then that's an issue
to take up with your router vendor(s).

I don't see why there's any reason it can't be made so (excuse me for
using what little Cisco configuration language I can remember):

o 'conf t' accepts:
	router bgp
	neighbor remote-as

o 'wr mem/term' writes out:
	router bgp 4294967294 #
	  neighbor remote-as 4294967295 #

  or even:
	# BGP
	router bgp 4294967294
	  # EZ-ASN:
	  neighbor remote-as 4294967295

One or both of which probably won't break anyone's scripts.

The point is that this is a configuration language versioning issue,
which isn't something I think of the IETF having either a lot of
interest or ability to define.

As Shields has indicated, email the IETF mailing lists if you

I'm in favor of people sending mail to lists to which I do not

But it's just /weird/ to ask the IETF to have this kind of it has never had to my memory, and seeks constantly
not to fulfill.

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