ICANN ordered by Illinois court to suspend spamhaus.org

Barry J. Featherstone barry at euhosts.net
Sat Oct 7 12:34:46 UTC 2006

On 07 October 2006 12:02 Steve Linford wrote:

While it's OK to discuss the issue of a U.S. court ordering ICANN to suspend
domains of foreign organizations, please would NANOG refrain from threads
making legal assumptions based on this particular case or comments otherwise
giving the spammers ideas on how to get better orders from U.S. courts.

IMHO at this point the subject is off-topic, especially given the way some
members of this forum continually seek to give unqaulified legal advice.

Yes, the FINAL ruling will presumably have legal impications for both
spamhaus and ISP's who use their lists, BUT, until all litigation in this
case is settled, speculation and comment will NOT help. 

Pesonally speaking I know which I would prefer.. To see Spamahaus continue
its effective and much needed work in helping to limit the impact of major
spam sources.



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