AOL Non-Lameness

J. Oquendo sil at
Wed Oct 4 12:27:20 UTC 2006

Randy Bush wrote:
>>    In the near future half the net will spend half their time
>>    wondering what happened to half their mail.
> they won't have that much time to do the wondering as they will spend 90% of their time talking about it.
> qed
> randy

And while those laypeople waste 90% talking about it, of the 100% of the engineers in charge of routing, 70% will be quick to point out how offtopic this sort of a problem is, 90% of that 70% will be quick to point out the question was posted to the wrong list, 20% will have autoresponders answering. Of the remaining 30%, 20% will point to obscure RFC's not being followed as the root of the problem, and the remaining 10% will take a "Not In My Backyard Network" approach and ignore it.

The thread will then offspin with a new topic "Re: This is offtopic (was What happened to my mail)" which will begin a whole new thread filled with a redundancy of "my Juniper is better than your new logo toting Cisco"

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