swiss (zurich) colocation recommendations for a US company...

Fredy Kuenzler kuenzler at
Wed Oct 4 10:07:38 UTC 2006

Jason Arnaute schrieb:
> I am doing a bit of expansion into Europe and simply need a good
> datacenter in Zurich where I can put in a single 1u piece of
> equipment (for now).
> I got a quote from for $400 for the 1u equipment and 5
> mbps, or $300 for 2 mbps.

I'm from Init7, and I'd like to clarify this - in fact I'm unsure who
sent this quote? Nevermind.

We sell 5 MBps for CHF 450.00 including 5 Units of rackspace. This
equals USD 357 (currently appx. 1 USD = 1.26 CHF). Excluding 7.6% VAT.

2 MBps including 5 Units of rackspace are CHF 333.00, equals USD 264,
excluding 7.6% VAT.

In Vienna, Austria, we pay EUR 260 for 3 units of rackspace, no IP feed.
Equals USD 330. I think prices in Zurich are not considerably higher
then elsewhere in Europe, even though our cost of living are the highest
in Europe (except probably in London).

We don't sell one single unit, since the expenditure of time is the
same. Also unattended 24/7 access is included, if required. We can help
out with remote hands, too. Of course, for higher bandwidth commit we 
can do a much better price per Mbps.

> Is this a reasonable cost of doing business in switzerland, or am I
> not finding a good low cost provider ?  If not, any suggestions on a
> high quality, well connected place in Zurich that I could put a 
> single 1u piece of equipment ?

Layer One is the most economically priced
datacenter in Zurich and subburbs.

Thanks for the free advertising opportunity ;-)

Fredy Künzler
Init Seven AG

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