Fwd: The IESG Approved the Expansion of the AS Number Registry

Todd Vierling tv at pobox.com
Thu Nov 30 19:42:16 UTC 2006

On 11/29/06, Deepak Jain <deepak at ai.net> wrote:
> Afraid so. I'm hoping to be out of the industry before calls for 128 bit
> AS#s come down the pipe and people (at that time) are laughing about how
> silly 32 bit AS#s seem.

I hope to be long dead before we exhaust >4 billion ASNs.  If I'm
still alive then, someone probably transferred my brain into a
positronic neural network, and Earth is long since uninhabitable by
organic life.  But I wouldn't doubt if some threads like this are
still running on HSNOG (Hyperspace Network Off-topic Gripes).

Hm.  I think I need to get some lunch before the office cafeteria closes.

-- Todd Vierling <tv at duh.org> <tv at pobox.com> <todd at vierling.name>

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