OT: How to stop UltraDNS sales people calling

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Tue Nov 28 23:56:19 UTC 2006

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, James Blessing wrote:
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> John Levine wrote:
> >> He told me he would still calling until he got through to the right
> >> person.  I am the right person.
> > 
> > Next time, try asking for the name and phone number of his boss, so
> > you can call and report what an excellent job he's doing.
> and then setup your asterisk box to forward all calls from his number to his
> boss via the premium rate you just setup...

Okay, this was fun and I am all for OT fun. But can we please stop putting
down a part of our community? Especially one which contributes to NANOG so

We all have sale trolls to live with.


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