How to stop UltraDNS sales people calling

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Tue Nov 28 18:08:50 UTC 2006

Blacklisting is NO fun!  Try searing for Asterisk+Telemarketer+Torture


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> Tell them that you have absolutely no interest in doing business with their
> company now and in the future and that any future calls will be considered
> harassment.  If that doesn't work, explain to them that they have an
> inferior product to that of their competitors and that you are more likely
> to utilize their competitors products instead of theirs and if they try to
> tell you the benefits of their product stop them short and say it doesn't
> matter if their competitor's product isn't as good, you will use them simply
> because they don't call you.  Or call them a doody face and be done with it.
> If their number stays the same each call, call block them.  That seems to
> work for me on most telemarketing issues.
> Greg
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> Hi,
> I am really fed up of calls from UltraDNS - we seem to get them every
> few days.  We don't need their product.
> We've tried saying no, and additionally we've tried putting people on
> hold indefinitely, trying to be enough of a nuisance to drop off their
> sales call list (works with UK telcos - try it).
> I just had a guy on hold for 18 minutes before taking him off hold to
> say that we didn't want their product, and could he please stop calling.
> He told me he would still calling until he got through to the right
> person.  I am the right person.
> In the interest of Anglo-American relationships - any Neustar people on
> list willing to help ?

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