OT: How to stop UltraDNS sales people calling

Paul Vixie vixie at vix.com
Tue Nov 28 16:44:45 UTC 2006

here i am replying to an offtopic post.  what's the world coming to?

andy at nosignal.org (Andy Davidson) writes:

> I am really fed up of calls from UltraDNS - we seem to get them every
> few days.  We don't need their product.  

every month or two somebody will ask me "does BIND really drop 20% of all
queries it receives?"  and i say, "um, no, why do you ask?" and the answer
is always "that's what the ultradns salesman told me."  i can't argue with
their success, but i guess i am ready to quibble over their manners.
Paul Vixie

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