OT: How to stop UltraDNS sales people calling

Jon Lyons jlyons30 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 15:30:05 UTC 2006

Get the guys direct number and start calling him all day. Direct marketers/debt collectors really hate it when you call them at work and bug them.. :)

Andy Davidson <andy at nosignal.org> wrote: 


I am really fed up of calls from UltraDNS - we seem to get them every
few days.  We don't need their product.  

We've tried saying no, and additionally we've tried putting people on
hold indefinitely, trying to be enough of a nuisance to drop off their
sales call list (works with UK telcos - try it).

I just had a guy on hold for 18 minutes before taking him off hold to
say that we didn't want their product, and could he please stop calling.

He told me he would still calling until he got through to the right
person.  I am the right person.

In the interest of Anglo-American relationships - any Neustar people on
list willing to help ?

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
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