analyse tcpdump output

Brock, Anthony - NET Anthony.Brock at
Wed Nov 22 16:14:00 UTC 2006

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> I wonder if someone knows a tool to use a tcpdump output for anomaly 
> dedection. It is sometimes really time consuming when looking 
> for identical 
> patterns in the tcpdump output.
> It would be helpful to get  a diff between SYN and ACK's e.g. 
> Or look for  a 
> pattern in a URL. Or just get some timediffs e.g. when an ACK 
> is send but 
> client is waiting for data etc.

For anomaly detection there is Ourmon. It can be downloaded at:

You can preview it running at Portland State University at:

However, I believe this isn't as detailed or low-level as what you're
looking for. In any case, it's a great tool for seeing unusual patterns
or strange behavior on your network.


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