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Using cli like "sh ip bgp"[Cisco] or "sh route protocol bgp detail" [Juniper] would be able to show me details for specific destinations. What i need is a software to get all the data from a routers routing table, analyze the best path and summarize the reason why its being chosen based on the BGP algorithm (local pref, no. of hops, MED, etc). That would show the big picture of why a certain upstream is more prefered than the other. Thanks.

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  What kind of router?  A juniper will show you this with a show route detail.


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     Are there any available BGP analyzing tool that can be used to identify 
  details on best chosen path based on the BGP algorithm? NTOP can capture the

  traffic info, but to analyze each destination to find the reason for
  (local preference, no of AS hops, iBGP vs eBGP etc) would be hard. I need
  info to understand why a certain upstream is being more prefered than the 
  others. Thanks.

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