Cogent and Sprint peering history?

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Fri Nov 17 23:56:37 UTC 2006

neal, all,

On Fri, Nov 17, 2006 at 05:46:43PM -0600, nealr wrote:

> I've not watched here closely for a number of years, but I now have a 
> Sprint connected customer who is hating life and Cogent seems to be part 
> of the equation. Can someone fill me in on the history of their 
> relationship?

they used not to peer and cogent reached sprint via ntt america
(verio).  now they are directly connected (at least in north america
for north american routes).

the routing situation is evolving and may have changed since last i
wrote about it at:

(there's some path detail in that posting including stuff about when
the most recent change took place and what kind of prefixes are
carried on the adjacency.  there's nothing in there about the quality
of either network or the capacity of the interconnection).  


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