Lucent GBE (4 x VC4) clues needed

Saku Ytti saku+nanog at
Wed Nov 15 10:25:07 UTC 2006

> > Consider this topology
> > 
> > GSR - 3750 --(GE over 4xVC4) - NSE100 - NSE100 --(GE over 4xVC4) -- 3550 - GSR
> This should have been Nortel GBE, not Lucent my bad.

My first best guess was right, it was lucent system after all.

We've now solved the issue, problem is in GBE card in Lucent in
hardware revision S1:7, which is broken by design. S1:3, S1:6
work and we should be able to test S1:8 soon, but we expect
it to work also.

Symptoms were that it flipped bits (but not randomly, just
couldn't figure out why certain places saw bit flips) and
calculated new, correct CRC to the ethernet frame, after
it had flipped bit.


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