IP adresss management verification

Bill Stewart nonobvious at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 23:02:16 UTC 2006

On 11/13/06, chuck goolsbee <chucklist at forest.net> wrote:
> It pisses me off to no end when a sales guy comes to me with a
> request from a customer for a /20 for a half-rack of web servers. The
> justification ALWAYS comes down to this inane "search engine
> optimization" pipe dream. =\

No, no, it's absolutely true, and you can tell them so,
and of course you can't provision the space without the
customer filling out the ARIN paperwork to justify it
and sending you a copy so you know what they're really trying to do.
The one customer in 32768 who actually needs it
will have enough clue to be able to fill out the forms,
and the rest of them will spend a month trying to
figure out why they' keep getting rejected.
Meanwhile, get them some IPv6 address space, so they'll be cutting edge...
once Google starts crawling the IPv6 web.

[Sorry - I just get really annoyed when I'm trying to look for some topic
for which the SEOs and phishers have polluted the web space with bogus material
trying to drag traffic to their site by pretending to offer the real content.]
             Thanks;     Bill

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And Google probably logs and indexes everything you send it.

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