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chuck goolsbee chucklist at forest.net
Tue Nov 14 20:25:07 UTC 2006

At 9:50 AM -0800 11/14/06, Warren Kumari wrote:
>On Nov 13, 2006, at 9:20 AM, chuck goolsbee wrote:
>> ** I assume it is myth, but I've never heard anyone from Google make any statements that definitively debunks it. Debunking this pervasive among webmasters and "SEO Experts" myth sure would be a very UN-evil thing to do if true (Hint hint you Google-folk!)
>Matt Cutts ("Matt Cutts works at the Googleplex and at his blog writes about Google, search engine optimization traps and whatever comes to his mind") has just responded on his blog:
>Now you have somewhere to point them :-)

That's awesome, thanks Warren (and Matt)! Always nice to add another cluebat to the quiver. 

--chuck *

* Now waiting ~273 hours for Yahoo!Mail human beings to contact me within their promised "48 hours".  Has *anybody* ever heard back from them? Ever?

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