IP adresss management verification

David Hubbard dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Mon Nov 13 16:17:26 UTC 2006

From: Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
> It's quite simple, really.
> They ask for it.
> If the iformation that you provided with your application
> does not answer their questions, they ask you for more
> information. I assume that all the RIRs will sign an
> NDA with you, certainly ARIN does this. ARIN may also
> ask for corporate confidential information in order to
> verify your application so they have strict internal
> security policies to keep it confidential. 
> Some people send detailed network diagrams, purchase
> orders for routers/switches/circuits, sales history
> data with projected trends, customer lists, etc.
> If you need specific details, just ask your RIR.

Is the policy still that dedicated IP addresses for web
hosts *should* only be used when technical justification
exists?  I really wish it would change to a requirement
as we very frequently get new hosting customers who get
angry when they find their site that doesn't have SSL
or any other technical reason for a dedicated IP ends up
on a shared IP when their old host didn't do that or
would sell them a dedicated IP for $5/month, etc.


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